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Is a face mask made of cotton still useful?

The question is whether these non-medical face masks still make sense. Of course, they do not protect as well as professional face masks, but they certainly make sense. They prevent someone who has Corona but does not really have complaints yet, from spreading virus particles. This spread takes place through the nose and mouth. You probably think of coughing or sneezing, but this spread can also take place by talking or laughing. If you touch your mouth or nose with your hand, you can unintentionally leave these virus particles on a door, shopping cart or elevator button. This ensures that they get to the next one, which we want to avoid. So, with a face mask, you not only protect yourself, but also another!

Remask brand sustainable face mask

What is a suitable face mask?

You cannot just use everything as a mask. You see a lot of photos going around of people using a tea towel, sock or party hat to put on their mouths. However, this allows way too many virus particles to pass through. So, which ones are suitable?

When purchasing a mask, it is important that you choose a mask that closes well around the nose and mouth. This prevents the virus from sneaking out when you sneeze or cough. In addition, it is important that the facemask is made of decent material. So, you shouldn’t be able to see through it. What looks like a tiny hole to the eye, is a gigantic hole for the virus to spread. Suitable facemasks are the non-medical facemasks without filter and the reusable, washable facemasks. Besides, a washable facemask, which you have to wash at 60 degrees, ensures that you are provided with a clean facemask every day! Also, these cotton facemasks are often available in different colors or prints. An extra plus: they are reusable, which means they contribute to a cleaner environment!

Not a too good mask

With this information you are already well on your way to a suitable mask. Please note: do not use a professional face mask! These are only intended for people in healthcare. These masks are certified and can be recognized by a Dutch or European number such as “NEN-EN-149”. Of course, you don’t want to take away a mask that is intended for those who need it most, like a hero in health care. So, make sure you buy a face mask that is purely intended for your own daily use.

Cover both your mouth and nose

Reusable, and therefore good for the wallet

Wash your hands before and after use

Wash regularly at 60 degrees

Reduce Reuse Remask

How do you wear a reusable face mask?

Putting on the facemask:

  1. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with water and soup or an alcohol-based detergent
  2. The mask should cover the nose, mouth, and chin – make sure the gap between the skin and the mask is as small as possible
  3. It’s important not to touch your mask while you are amongst the general public, as the exterior of the mask can potentially accumulate viral droplets

Taking off the facemask:

  1. Remove the mask by holding the rear area without touching the front exterior part
  2. Place in a closed laundry basket or container
  3. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with water and soup or an alcohol-based detergent

How to clean a reusable cotton facemask:


  1. Place is the washer or hand wash with laundry detergent
  2. Place in the dry or air dry
  3. Disinfected and ready to be reused

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