Remask washable face masks

Masks made of soft, organic cotton, which ensures optimal comfort and excellent breathability. From 99 pieces. Available from stock. Stylish Remask face masks in 3 different colors and packed in a nice gift box.

Remask face masks

 Oeko-tex - standard 100

Our own brand Remask face masks are made in Portugal from Oeko-tex and consist of very good quality. They are double layered, have a high wearing comfort and breathe / protect very well.

The Remask face masks are packed per 3 pieces in a beautiful shipping envelope. An envelope contains a black, white and a navy face mask.

Remask brand sustainable face mask

Our face masks are made of durable materials and can be used again and again after every wash.

  • For yourself: a stylish washable face mask for on the road.

  • For another: part of the proceeds will be donated to health care heroes.

  • For the planet: less disposable face masks to protect the environment.

Hello stylish durable Remask

Bye bye disposable face mask

Take care of yourself, each other AND nature

A whole new problem has arisen since the outbreak of the coronavirus: protective materials, such as plastic gloves and face masks, are increasingly left on the street or on nature. NederlandSchoon and Plastic Soup Foundation are therefore sounding the alarm. This new litter problem appears to be occurring not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world.

Cover both your mouth and nose

Reusable, and therefore good for the wallet

Wash your hands before and after use

Wash regularly at 60 degrees

Reduce Reuse Remask

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Until September 1, companies do not pay VAT on face masks.

As of 1 June, it is obligated to war a facemask in public transport. Because travelers in full trains, buses and trams cannot keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others, the cabinet is offering this temporary discount. Facemasks were still below the normal VAT rate of 21%, from now until September 1, no VAT has to be paid. It is therefore attractive for companies to order facemasks now as a business gift, staff gift, give away or free service item.

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